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Our favourite websites, podcasts, communities and events dedicated to equality.

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In honour of International Women’s Day this Friday March 8, we want to share a list of the women’s groups that are inspiring us right now. They’re sure to give you purpose, fuel your passion and hopefully encourage you to sign up, tune in or follow along.  

Who: Yes Queen™
What: An online community bringing social consciousness to the workplace 
Why: To cultivate safe, positive and inclusive work cultures 
Where: @the.yesqueen

Yes Queen embodies a person – “an ambitious trailblazer who is kind, compassionate and supportive of others” – and the team all live and breathe this purpose. This is a movement, a gathering of community and support designed to end workplace bullying and begin the revolution of kindness. Read aspirational quotes, trending blogs and regular advice from an array of ambassadors across every corner of the industry. These leading ladies are setting the benchmark for workplace inclusiveness, kindness and kick-ass-ness. #YASKWEEN 

Future Women logoWho: Future Women
What: An online club connecting women to subscription journalism, podcasts and events  
Why: To promote debate and conversation among smart, switched-on women.  
Where: @futurewomen

From their network forum and ambitious journalism to their sophisticated articles and events – designed with you in mind – I think this relatively new platform is headed for big success. It uses a subscription-based model with freemium elements to drive curiosity (effectively might I add), so you can expect some high-end daily content for your $7/month. Get around it.  

Who: Victorian Women’s Trust
What: An advocacy group focusing on content and events  
Why: The future is gender equality  
Where: @vicwomenstrust 

The Victorian Women’s Trust unashamedly advocates for women and girls with the goal of realising an equal future for all, at work, at home and beyond. With a 30-year history, it’s one of the oldest women’s funds in the world and supports women and girls through a range of scholarships and grants. The trust creates and curates thought-provoking content and events, featuring some of the world’s leading thinkers on gender equality.  

The Lady Start Up logo featuring a woman with a rocket on her backWho: Lady Start Up 
What: A movement, podcast and e-course by Mia Freedman, the co-founder of Mamamia 
Why: To help dreamers, side hustlers and entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground 
Where: @ladystartups; all available podcast streaming networks 

Lady Start Up’s core purpose says it all: “make the world a better place for women and girls”, which is something it's done for more than 10 years via content. Mia works to inform, entertain and make women feel seen, heard and understood. She interviews leaders and entrepreneurs including Janine Allis (Boost), Roxy Jacenko (Sweaty Betty PR) and Jo Horgan (Mecca), while also going in deep with podcasts like ‘How to launch a business in 6 weeks’ and ‘From idea to launch; how to start a business.’ She’s articulate, the episodes are well thought-out, and the best part is that she parks her ego at the door and gets stuck into it, focusing on the subject matter only. We love it!  

Feminist Writers Festival logoWho: The Feminist Writers Festival  
What: A biennial festival held in Victoria and NSW (with occasional one-off events) 
Why: To promote feminist writers and support feminist readers
Where: @femwritersfest

While the Feminist Writers Festival itself only happens every two years, Nikki Anderson, Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen and the rest of the team have also developed a really active online community where you can engage with writing on topics like media representation for women, motherhood and domestic violence (to name a few). Make sure you check out the blog, podcast and YouTube channel (for free videos from past festivals). You'll hear from prominent authors and journalists including pioneering feminist Anne Summers, Miles Franklin Award winning novelist Anna Funder (All That I Am) and memoirist Bri Lee (Eggshell Skull), and you're guaranteed to walk away with plenty of new reading ideas.  

Who: Offline 
What: A podcast about the self with popular Instagrammers  
Why: To explore life on the other side of the filter 
Where: @offlinethepodcast; all available podcast streaming networks 

Hosted by award-winning Australian journalist Alison Rice, Offline is a series of honest conversations with the people behind our favourite Instagram accounts. It’s a fascinating, sometimes heart-wrenching look at “the other side of the filter and the often-confronting concept of true self.” Alison is very well read, and her line of questioning will really draw out your inner fears.  

Who: Leaders in Heels 
What: An online community full of resources for female leaders 
Why: To provide women with all they need to survive and thrive in the nine-to-five 
Where: @leadersinheels

Leaders in Heels is an extensive (if occasionally cluttered) online community that is pushing the dial on crafting female leaders. How? Through numerous blogs, downloadable (free) resources and a shop (hello planners and organisers!), all partnered with a truly fab Instagram page. A substantial business at this point, these women are walking the walk and talking the talk and I recommend checking it out.  

Two women laughing below the Shameless logoWho: Shameless 
What: A podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff 
Why: So young women have a safe space to talk about celebrities and pop culture  
Where: @shamelesspodcast; all available podcast streaming networks 

Hosted by Melbourne writers Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, I will admit, this is a guilty pleasure. It’s not hard-hitting journalism nor is it going to necessarily challenge you academically; however, sometimes we have so much on at work and in our lives it’s nice to tune in and check out the latest on the Khloe/Tristan debacle, MAFs updates or Em Rata and naked feminism. Without washing over it too much, the girls go in conversation with some seriously impressive entrepreneurs, as well as some interesting influencers, and it’s always entertaining and easy listening. For smart women. Who love dumb stuff. #dontjudgeme 

Women on Topp logoWho: Women on Topp
What: A digital magazine for ambitious women
Why: To challenge and inspire women in their careers 
Where: @womenontopp

This alternative format online magazine features some seriously relevant articles. It covers lifestyle, fashion, careers, entrepreneurship and inspiring women, and really embodies what women want, empowering you with colloquial language and clever insights. It’s long-form reading, so get your coffee sorted prior, but power to you ladies, we thank you for your service! 

Tiffany Sayers, business director

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