Bianca Chatfield

Bianca Chatfield is a former Vice Captain of the Australian Diamonds and Captian of the Melbourne Vixens, an elite athlete who has been a World Champion and Commonwealth Games Gold and Silver Medalist,  six times Premiership player , Keynote speaker, Ambassador, Teacher and Leadership specialist with a Bachelor of Education and Human Movement, Diploma of Management and Graduate Certificate in Elite Athlete Mentoring. Bianca is one of the youngest ever to have debuted for the Australian Diamonds at the age of only 18. She has made a name for herself on the court as one of the toughest defenders and most well-known female athletes in the country, a respected leader in sport and a business woman. Netball has been an enormous part of her life, but her ability to build a career and business outside of her career as a full time athlete is just as impressive. 

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