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Phoenix Files #2: Contact

Title: Phoenix Files #2: Contact
Author: Morphew, Chris
Category: Kids
ISBN: 9781921502408
Page numbers:
Dimensions: 198 x 165 mm
Price: $16.95
Imprint: Boys Series
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01 Feb 2010

For the first six months, Peter's life in Phoenix was pretty normal. Hanging out with his friends, frustrating his parents, sleeping through school. Then he found out the world was ending. The Shackleton Co-operative is planning to exterminate the rest of humanity - and they're going to use "Tabitha" to do it. But who is Tabitha? What's really going on inside the Shackleton Building? And why does Peter's dad's name keep turning up in the search for answers? As Peter and his friends struggle to contact the outside world, they're going to find out just how far Shackleton is willing to go to make sure the secretsof Phoenix stay hidden. And the clock is still ticking. There are 88 days until the end of the world.

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